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  • Damian Seidman

Our Progress the High-Powered Rocket Certification

Steps we are taking to gain our certification.

The Deal:

Level one certification is the entry-level certification range for high-powered

rocketry. In order to compete in the NASA Student Launch, at least two

members of the team must get certified.

High-powered certification gives a team member the ability to fly a rocket with

a motor of an "H" rating or higher, or an average thrust of over 80 Newtons

per second(really fast!). Such motors are only allowed in high powered rocketry.

A number of members are now prepping to fly these rockets. Participating members have to build their own rocket, fly it successfully, and pass a rocket test. After the flight, the requirements are that the rocket must be reusable and have no damage.

Not only do the members have to build the rocket, but also the electronics. Every member has to make their own altimeter (an instrument used to measure height) by soldering all the parts together.

The team members have been working hard to complete the project.

The Setback:

Unfortunately, due to the dry weather and lack of rain in Connecticut, it was said unsafe to launch, so, the test has been postponed for a later date. However, while we wait, the team has been moving on to work on the initial design and payload idea for our competition rocket.

Stay posted, there's more to come!


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