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  • Adriel Lekovic

Creating our Proposal

Writing up a crucial and time sensitive document for NASA that taught us many valuable skills.

St. Monica's Rocketry Team spent nearly 50 hours collaborating to form a cohesive proposal for NASA's review. The proposal is a document put together by different sections of the team (being recovery, payload, design, and safety). This document explains to NASA our payload idea, design initiative, and recovery system plan, along with the safety protocols we are taking along the way to ensure the best results.

Each section's information relied on information form the other sections. For example, payload had to estimate the size of their experiment before design could incorporate that information into the rocket's overall design. Then, recovery could take the information from design to estimate the different parts of the recovery system. All along, safety was developing a plan for overseeing the team's number goal: SAFETY.

Each of these factors coming together led to a well formulated proposal. Not only this, but it incorporated every team member to help and think together while making sure each other was doing their part.

Click the link to read our proposal:


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