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Ready for Alabama!


Ready for Alabama!

We successfully Re-launched our Fullscale and are getting ready for Alabama! 

Our Fullscale launch test 2/17/18

Rocket on the rails

Carrying the Rocket to the launch rail

Putting the body tube together

Putting in the Arduino

Shock cords

Rocket ready for the rail

Assembling rocket


January 12th 2018

We are building parts for the Rocket

and a sleeve for the Payload bay

So, here Ted and Gus are working with Mr. Wilder to try and get a reading from the Arduino.

Ted is making the connections for the Arduino to the fan.

Sean is wiring up the fan for the payload which cools the shrimp

Ann and Gi are working with Mr. Daniels cutting metal piping to reinforce the rocket.

Second Student Launch
December 30, 2017

The cold and snow could not keep us from launching.

The fact that we left the launch controller could not keep us from launching.

Our second sub scale flight was successful!

We ended up at the local high school, and completed our flight!

Prepping the Rocket

Prepping the Rocket

Rocket Set up on the Launch Rails.

Rocket on Launch Rails

Recovering the Rocket

Recovering the Rocket

Rocket Launch #1
December 9, 2017

#1 Launch in the snow

The rocket's parachutes did not deploy correctly-and became a lawn dart.

#2 Launch is scheduled the end of December.

Prepping the Rocket

Warming Our Hands 

On the Launch Rail

Faulty Parachute Deployment

Launch Graph


The Rocket takes many parts to piece together

Altimeter Bay

Motor Mount

Initial Design Meeting 

Initial Design Meeting

Carbon Fiber Fins

Egg Timer

Initial Payload Testing

Motor and Fin Setup

Recovery Eyebolts



Work Session

Starting the Meeting

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